"I feel like I am alone in all this... I really don't have anyone to talk to."

This sentiment was shared by a wife whose husband just told her about his addiction and, yet because of the shame and stigma that surrounds this issue, she felt she could talk to no one about it. Silence and isolation causes hopelessness and despair. Wives Helping Wives is a place for sharing testimonies of how God is healing along this journey, so that hopefully you won't feel so alone and just maybe, you may find some hope.

If you have something helpful to share with other wives about your journey feel free to send your submission to:  shea@healingforwives.com.

How Could He?

by Rosemary (San Antonio, Texas)

"How could he?!" "What was he thinking?!" "I gave him everything and this is how he repays me?!" "He was supposed to protect me!" "What's wrong with ME? Am I not good enough, beautiful enough, attractive enough ... sexy enough?" Do those sound like the thoughts that are screaming through your head ever since porn and sex addiction barged into your life? Does the sound of a heart shattering into a million pieces seem familiar? What about thoughts of divorce, suicide or ... even ... murder? Am I ringing any bells? Do you get the feeling that I've stood in the very same lonely and dark place you are right now? Are you like me, thinking that you could've (and maybe have) taken any other hit ... just not this one?

As much as I loathed the pain, shame, anger and betrayal I felt when I first discovered a trail of porn on our home computer in 2005, I am glad that I can be on this journey with you. I am glad to have muddled through despair to be here to offer you even a tiny speck of hope. Glad? For porn? Really? No, not that porn stained what was supposed to be my happily ever after. My gladness comes from knowing that even though I was dumped onto a battlefield I would have never chosen to fight on, I am able to say to you that God heals war wounds--even these; I am living proof. You are not alone. God has--oh, I'll say "handpicked"--a few, select women to link arms with you at this very moment to walk this journey beside you, led by our loving God through a tender and compassionate husband and wife team who have fought in the same trenches we find ourselves in right now. I pray that, like me, this ministry will help you find rest for your mind, healing for your heart and restoration of everything you feel is lost. God is able. I know.


Pardon Me

by Denise, Rowlett, Texas

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