Journey to Joy

Being married to a man who struggles with sexual addiction can be lonely and isolating. You may be here now because you don't know whom to talk to or who you can tell. Your husband's sexual addiction can make you feel inferior, like if only you were better at .... well you name it, then maybe he would be satisfied with you. At times, every other person that is around you appears prettier, sexier, better - this is the shame of sexual addiction. It begins to erode your confidence and the identity that is yours.

It is important to find someone to talk to... another wife, a friend, or a counselor that you can trust to disclose your most devastating fears and sadnesses. It is also crucial that you begin to find the truth about sexual addiction... it is an idolatry that replaces true intimacy and relationship with idolatry. You will never be able to compete with the image - that is why even the sexual addict doesn't feel satisfied with the same image for very long.

God desires true love and intimacy in your marriage. Your husband needs help to find healing for his addiction, but you need help to recover from the destruction it causes.


Journey to Joy
..a healing reatreat for wives of sex addicts

November 21-23, 2014


Journey to Joy is just that... a journey of hope and healing for wives who have discovered their husband's sexual addiction. The road is a long one, riddled with pain, frustration, and loss. In the end we hope that the joy of Christ will fill your heart along the way. If you are ready to start your own journey, click here.

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